Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prayers Needed for the Felts

Hello Everyone,

Well, here I sit in a hospital bed on bed rest for I do not know how long, and I just wanted to let you all know, if you haven't heard yet, that I am was in preterm labor. It has been stopped for now and I am on medication to control the contractions, because I am very early (31 weeks). My doctor did not seem too positive that I will make it to 34 weeks, but if I do I might get to go home a be on bed rest there. The baby is doing really well. I had a ultrasound yesterday. He is already 5 pounds, so if were to carry to full-term he would most likely be over 9 pounds. He is measuring in everything around 33-34 weeks, except his upper arms, which are 31-32 weeks in length (so he has Jon's arms). So he is big for his age.

I am doing well, except that I have to stay in bed for a while. I am glad that I get to eat solid food now. For the first day, I was on clear liquids only, until the contractions were under control and the possibility of a C-section right then was past. If you are inserted, I am in Toledo Hospital. I am in the Special Care Unit in Labor and Delivery, Room E. The number I can be reached at is 419-291-8348, and then ask for Keriann Felt's Room. I do also have access to the Internet and email.

Jon is having a hard time, because he has school and finals coming up. He feels guilty that he cannot be here with me all the time, but that is how life goes. He also is trying to adjust to having to do his laundry, dishes, and get himself up and ready for school. Keep him in your prayers too. I think he is having a harder time than me right now.

Well, I hope you all are doing well. Take care.
-Keriann Felt

Monday, October 13, 2008

The World is Very Small!!

I received these pictures today from Sean's parents who are serving a mission in Mexico at the Mexico City Temple Visitor's Center. The world is very small!!

Ivan is retired and I'm not working!!

Nothing has changed around here. Ivan is retired and I'm not working. Lori is still living in the basement and crochets afghans and baby booties for the family and close friends. I guess being retired wasn't what we expected! Amy came home this summer after having her heart broken and loosing a good friend (he drowned in Utah Lake during the 4th of July weekend). She is doing a little better, but it was a HUGE tragedy for her.

Ivan had a little back surgery that put him down for a month, but seems to be doing a little better than before.Kelli and Creed are doing well and are glad to have their children back in school. Doug and Deana are going through hard times, but I'm sure will pull through. Keriann and Jon are still in Ohio, but she keeps you up to date on her life. Kristy and Isaac moved to Fairfield, Idaho in July. Isaac will be teaching school - Spanish, Government, American History, and Economics. If he has time he will help coach basketball. Kristy is expecting baby #2 in March. That is it for us. We were hoping to do more this summer, but "no mon, no fun!".

Have a great day and be happy. We love you and appreciate all you do for the family. Susan and Ivan

Friday, October 3, 2008

Melvina--How does she keep up with all of them!

MELVINA ANDERSON: This summer I've been camping twice with Terri and Dewayne, once with Lori and Roland. That is, I stay in their trailers but we're camping at Terri and Dewayne's property near Argyle Canyon.

STEPHANIE ASAY AND ERIC HATTON: finished caulking inside their log home and now are working on the outside and staining it too. They've had moose, deer, and lots of hummingbirds. The swallows are building nests in the eaves and on the decks. Remember the one on Mom's porch in Blackfoot. Fun to watch but messy.

TERRI AND DEWAYNE HOLGERSON: besides camping, DeWayne worked for GSL in Cedar City and in Idaho coming home on weekends. He's back at Kennecott now. Terri had carpal tunnel surgery on one hand during summer vacation and now is back to work cooking for Granite District. They've been taking long bike rides on the Jordan River Parkway to keep in shape.

TRAVIS HOLGERSON: works in Kememer, Wyoming on a GSL coal mine project. He's finishing is electrician journeyman's license. They are nursery leaders a church trying to remember all the old songs.

RACHEL HOLGERSON AND BUDDY STEELE: Rachel is a personal care aide for disabled young adults in a home setting, part time. Buddy STEELE is a bricklayer working in Ogden. Shaylee started kindergarten and loves it and says she hasn't even had to sign the naughty book yet. Russell is second grade. They wanted to test him for a gifted school but the teacher said not to put him through it. However, he's a really active young man and puts the teacher "through" it.

JESSIE HOLGERSON AND KELLY BLACKNER: Jessie waitresses at The Spagetti Factory part-time. Kelly is on a GSL project in Evanston Wyoming for Hexcel. Alissa started kindergarten and loves it except they split her class and she has a new teacher already. Kasey is in 4th grade and is a Nintendo nerd. Kameron is in 2nd grade and plays with his friends.

CARRIE HOLGERSON AND SEAN: Carrie shifted to a day job at Zions. Keeping up with her graveyard and her kids was wearing her down. The boys (Damion and Seans sons Eli and Aaron) play softball constantly. Jadon's looking forward to playing next year. DeyJa is Thirteen and eighth grade. She has a 3.9 average because her French class pulled her grade down. "It's Hard." Sean proposed last year.

WESLEY AND BONNIE ANDERSON: Wes still doing long days at Nevada Power. Its contract negotiating time so there are threats to strike. He often works 7 days a week. Bonnie certified as a phlembotomist and works full time at the hospital. She's love to do lab research work which would mean more schooling. She completed her CNA. Heather and Micah have their home in Washington, McKenzie is growing fast and has a really calm loving nature. Megan is transferring to the Bountiful Costco which is closer to were she lives with her cousin Morgan. Rebecca is working and taking some college classes but just wants to get married and be a mother. Harley's a senior. He sounds like Wes on the phone. They love St. George.

LORI AND ROLAND LARGO: Hunting season is upon us. Roland will probably not camp just drive and day hunt. He's auto mechanicing. Mrs. Fields filed for chapter 11 reorganizational bankruptcy and Lori got a recruiting call from another company about the same time. She started her new job, Accounts Receivable Manager at Prime Insurance Monday. Her predecessor was fired a month ago so she's doing lots of catching up. She's really organized so she'll be great.

BRANDIE ASAY: Brandie sold her mobile home and moved into a new house in Draper. Shaylyn is 13 and just started Junior High so it will be an adjustment for her. Tyrone loves the computer, too. She and DeyJa are at that awkward teenage stage where you think of them as young girls and they're stretching their wings. I reminded Brandie and Carrie what they were like and to be patient. Everyone rolls their eyes at that.

Love to all. Mel

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Foley Band and Soccer Pictures

These are some fun pictures we got from the Tiger News which is an awesome weekly newsletter put out by the activities director at our high school.

Ryan is one of the drum majors this year for the band. He decided not to play soccer again so he could give more time to his flute, piano, and music. He decided he also had enough extra time to be in the school musical in November.

Brock (number 9) is playing on the varsity soccer team this year. He knew he wouldn't see a lot of playing time on the varsity team, but loves the game enough to do it anyways. He is also keeping busy with College Algebra, AP World History and AP Government and Politics.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Wilson Arrives

Here is the update for the Wilson family.

Christopher James: C.J. was born on the 16th of May. Weighing in at 12lb 7oz (editor's note WOW!) and 23 1/2 inches long. The doctor kept telling us he thought there would be more water. However there was not. We are happy that he came out as healthy as he is. He is now over 16 lbs.

Adelaide: (4 in December) She is going to be our entomologist. She loves to collect rolly pollys, worms, grasshoppers, and any other bug that moves. She keeps a close eye on mom. Never leaving her side for more than 30 seconds.

Taylor: (4 in December) She recently went to a hotel without a swimming pool. She informed her father this was a "fake" hotel. She wanted to go to a hotel that had a swimming pool.

Charlotte (6) Charlotte started 1st grade and loves the teacher. She wanted to write a note to thank her for being her teacher. She is a very big help. We are sad she is in school all day.

Kip (36) Kip is still working for Direct. He was released as the gospel doctrine teacher. (His favorite calling) They put him in as the Elders quorum president. (His least favorite) He loves living in rural Idaho were he can take his girls fishing.

Suzanne (?) I am still recovering from having C.J. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Since then I have been trying to keep the levels between 80-120. However, everything effects it. Other than that we are healthy and happy.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Little Update

Here is a little update from Peter & Lori Lindhardt (from Logan Utah)...I will start with our youngest and end with the oldest in our family.

Adam (5) or A.J. - Adam loves to play all of the outdoor and indoor games with his brothers and sisters. He started kindergarten this year and is very excited to go to school. When Adam says his prayers he always tells Heavenly Father how much he loves his mom, dad, Jesus, and his family. He asks for help to be obedient and to be happy. We love being his parents.

Mason (7) - Mason is our little worker, he loves to be in the yard helping mom and dad. He can't wait until he is old enough to mow the law my himself. Mason is in second grade and doing very well. He sometimes gets a little distracted with his friends and causes a small amount of stress with his teacher. Mason has a smile that is makes you smile just looking at him. He will turn 8 in December and is looking forward to getting Baptized in January.

Reiss (9) - Reiss is "do the job right or don't do it at all" child. He wants to do everything the right way. Reiss has many of them was a surprise to his parents when he stared in the school play in the lead role. We did not know he had it in him. Reiss is doing very well in 4th grade. He has many, many friends who love to be with him. His greatest attribute is the trust the adults have in him. Reiss is a calming influence at home, in school, and in his Church classes.

Olivia (11) - Olivia is still little spark plug in the family. She is very busy doing, creating, talking on the phone, riding her bike, reading, dancing, and playing with her friends type of girl. When Olivia prayers you get the sense that she knows who she is talking too. She carries on a wonderful conversation with her Heavenly Father with a lot of meaning. Olivia is busy in school this year as a 5th grader. She is doing very well in school. Olivia truly loves life and all it has to offer.

Zackary (13) - Zack is soon to be the tallest in the family. He is now 6 feet tall (almost caught up to dad) and we can't seem to keep him in clothes that fit. Zack is a very good baby sitter for his mom and dad. He knows how to have fun with his brother and sisters. They always miss him when he is gone. Someday Zack will be an artist, he has a very creative mind. Zack is doing well with Priesthood responsibilities, without complaining. He loves the charter school that he attends (8th grade). Zack is our straight "A" student who loves to learn.

Ryan (16) - Ryan is working at little Caesars and attending Logan High school as a Junior. He finds plenty of time to play with his friends. We don't get to see him as much anymore. Last month Ryan was ordained to the office of a Priest. It was a very spiritual day for him and his family. He recently got his drivers licence, he is now thinking he needs his own car. Ryan loves to climb the mountain that we live by, he has to keep busy. He has been a good example to his friends in doing things the right way.

Amber (17) - Amber is a Senior this year at Logan High. She is very excited that this is the last year. Amber is very busy with her friends (like Ryan), we don't see her very much around the house. She is the Laurel president that also keeps her busy. Amber has a great personality that brings a lot of comfort to stressed out people. She a beautiful young women with a very strong testimony in the Gospel.

Peter (40) - Peter is working at TTM technologies as the Quality Manager (over 19 years), this continues to be a very good job for him and one that he likes very much. He is currently the Stake Executive Secretary for the Stake Presidency. Working with the Stake President has been a spiritual highlight for the past 2 years. Having a busy schedule is the norm, if it was any different it would not be good. Peter loves his wife and family very much...he is extremely grateful for the Gospel and the spiritual foundation it has provided in his life. He loves to do things with his kids, and working around the house completely the many things on the "to do" list.

Lori (41) - Lori is working in the Lindhardt home keeping things in order, she is definitely the hardest worker in the family. She is currently the Primary President that keeps her very busy. The parents and children love her very much. Lori stays very busy volunteering in the schools and transporting our kids to and fro. She loves to decorate our really is awesome to have things change like they do, it keeps things interesting. Lori has many friends who depend on her, she too has a smile that is contagious (like Mason).

We are grateful for our heritage. We would not be who we are without the foundation that was established many, many years ago. To all of our extended family...we love you...please keep the faith and doing what you are doing...our children (all of our children) depend on it.

Peter and Lori Lindhardt